Our Brand:
There is something about sports that refines us, challenges us, pushes us to be better than we were before we stepped foot on the court, field or track. Grafletics is a Portland, Oregon based sport and lifestyle apparel brand that strives to capture the essence of “game time” and weave it into our daily lives. 

Founded in late 2013 by Graphic Designer Rick Gilbert, Grafletics is the marriage of two ideals held close to his heart and to the people of the Pacific Northwest – the intensity of protecting home court and the clean subtleness of timeless design. 

At the core of Grafletics is the commitment to make unique products that represent what you love most, in an authentic way. We do so by using premium fabrics and customized printing techniques on every item we produce while partnering with like-minded people in our community to build and grown this brand. Ideally when you buy Grafletics, you’re buying a piece of yourself that expresses who you are to the world.

It’s about the sport that’s happening around us 365 days a year. Thanks for coming through and we hope to see you on the courts or in the stands.

Our Founder:
What Up!? My name is Rick Gilbert and I’m a Graphic Designer and sports enthusiast. In September of 2010 I relocated to Portland, Oregon from Baltimore, MD. I moved here because my gut told me Portland would allow me the opportunity to create a business that would coincide with my career as a Graphic Designer and life-long obsession of sports.

Shortly after moving here I starting going to Basketball and Soccer games. I fell in love with the culture, teams and history of Portland's sporting culture. At the same time I was making friends hooping at the gym and started playing in the Portland Basketball League. Basketball became a big part of the foundation in my new life out West.

In the summer of 2013 the name Grafletics emerged. The name was a manifestation of the business I wanted to create when I moved to Portland in 2010. It took 3 years, 1 rolled ankle, 2 pulled groins, and over 20,000 shot attempts to appear. With breakneck speed I made a handful of designs inspired by my first-hand experience of the local sports scene.   

The Grafletics collection has grown to include multi-sport, and lifestyle themed designs centered around the passion to further connect us as a sporting community. Every product I make is intended to do 3 things for you: represent the thing you are passionate about, add comfort on the daily, and remain part of your wardrobe for a very long time. 

At the end of the day it’s all about Getting Your Game On. Thanks in advance for your continued support.

Rick Gilbert
Founder & Creative Director