What Does Portland and Oregon Mean to You?

This is the first in a series of blogs posts where we ask Grafletics college athletes what they love about Portland and Oregon. Here is  Jaycee Iranshad, a soccer player at Grand Canyon University in Arizona.

Going to college in Arizona has made me realize just how beautiful Oregon is. I've grown up in Oregon and living there I was always wishing it didn't rain as much as it does, but after living in Arizona I have found an appreciation for the rain. It makes Oregon so green, bright, and lively. Along with this, I love all the nature and natural beauty that fills Oregon. The scenery is amazing, which is another reason why I love all my Grafletics gear, because it's personalize gear based on all the beautiful mountains, scenery, rivers, and locations in Oregon. 

Growing up being an athlete, I have always loved being outdoors and doing something active. This is another reason why growing up in Oregon has been an amazing experience for me. I have loved all the different hikes, bike trails, snowboarding on the mountains, boating in rivers and lakes, camping, and even surfing at the Oregon coast. There is always something active to do outside, year around. I have always loved being able to come home from college in the winter, and be able to drive up to the mountain to snowboard. Or come home in the summer and has a variety of different outdoor activities to do. It helps me stay fit, while having fun and exploring the beautiful state. 

Sports are a huge part of my life, and watching sports is one of my favorite things to do. The Portland Timbers, Thorns, and Trail Blazers are three teams that I have grown up passionately watching and cheering on. Being able to drive only 20 minutes to watch some of my favorite teams has been an extremely amazing part of growing up in Portland. 

Oregon is a beautiful and eventful state and I have been so blessed to have been able to grow up, and continue to live in the amazing state!

-Jaycee Iranshad

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