The Oregon Collection. Explained

After nearly a decade of our Mt. Hood logo growing into an iconic symbol of our state, we created a new concept called the State Collection. It represents the colors you'd see on a road going from west to east (The Coast to Eastern Oregon).

1. First is the coast, where the shirt has a sand colored "Oregon" with blues reflecting the turquoise and navy waters of the Pacific as well as the omnipresent rainy days. 

2. Next up is the Willamette valley. We brought together the three defining traits of the Valley: the Metro areas, agriculture, and forests. Using differing shades of greens and yellows, this shirt reflects the city lights, towering evergreens, and productive farmland.

3. Heading up, the Mountain shirt is built on a charcoal base, with colors showing alpine forests, snow-melt fed streams and lakes, and snow-capped peaks. The turquoise stripe is an ode to our state's uniquely common and beautiful alpine streams and Cascade Lakes.

4. Over the mountains is the Central Oregon tee. A lighter tee as Central Oregon finally gets some sun. The red stripe is for the red dirt found on the side of Central Oregon's roads. The blue is for the Decshutes, Metolius, and others crystal clear rivers ripe for floating and fishing. Finally, a black "Oregon" pays homage to the volcanic past of the region where lava flows and caves dominate the landscape.

5. Finally, we arrive in Eastern Oregon, our state's least known and arguably most beautiful region. The colors of this tee are inspired by the region's most beautiful features. The yellow and red rocks of the Painted hills and Owyee Canyonlands create a picture of one of the last frontiers or our state and country.

Be sure to let us know what colorway is your favorite and where you where else you want to see these colors used!

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