The Definitive Ranking of the 5 Best Portland Burritos

In anticipation of national burrito day on April 7th our brand manager, Sam, shares his top 5 Portland favorites.

Filled with Mexican and Latin cuisine from authentic to experimental, Portland is home to some of the best, and most insane burritos in the country. We've taken our five favorites from around the city and ranked them for you enjoyment (or disdain).

 1. La Sirenita- Chile Relleno Super Burrito

Many may flock to the flashier La Bonita next door, but La Sirenita reigns supreme as the best in the city. P.S, their Sellwood location is only 5 blocks from our store!

2.Taqueria Lindo Michoacan- Carne Asada

A small food cart on 41st and Division dishes our insanely cheap, insanely good beasts of burritos. With a personal preference towards carne asada, any meat here will land you a massive (think forearm sized) burrito.

3. King Burrito- King Burrito

Ok fine, we have a serious addiction to Chile Relleno burritos, but what's not to love about those blissful stuffed peppers? The King is second best, yet still amazing version of this masterful creation.

4. De Leon's Deli - Wet Burrito

The Best of East Portland up on 162nd and Glisan. Most are here to buy in bulk, because my god these meats and deli foods are amazing. However, sneaking in is their wet burrito, absolutely smothered and stuffed, is to die for.

5. Los Gorditos- Garbage Burrito

This shit is as loaded as they come. Three meats, two salsas, and loads of other fixens, the garbage burrito is at the vertex of size and taste.

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