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For the past two years I’ve traveled with my Family to Sante Fe, New Mexico. We come to relax, adventure and get inspired for the year ahead. As an added bonus we collaborate with Ski Sante Fe, making t-shirts and caps for the Sport Shop, so it’s always a good opportunity to go see the gear in action.

The highlight for this past trip was our visit to the Taos Pueblo. One of the oldest continuously inhabited communities in the United States. We’re talking 1000 A.D. people! I would love to share pictures, but photography isn’t allowed and we lost our new camera…another story for another time. The day is anchored around a form of prayer known as the Turtle Dance — a ceremonial dance performed by the male tribal members.  It consists of a beating drum, chanting, and a form similar to line dancing. It’s a heck of a thing to witness under the blue skies, crisp air, and sacred mountainous backdrop.

The Pueblos also have village shops which I loved. Inside one of them I discovered, and bought, a tomahawk handmade by the artisan Elk Good Water. Tied midway up the choke cherry wood shaft of the tomahawk is a turkey feather. Turkey medicine is associated with honoring nature and the earth and is a symbol of abundance. Turkey reminds us to develop harmonious relationships with nature and be grateful for what we have instead of dismayed by what we don’t have. Everyday tomahawks don’t come with feathers and ornate detail. Only the special ones do. Learning this I had a revelation…and it’s that I only want to make special products and things with meaning. After all it’s why I started this brand. Something I’ve always wanted to do is add woven labels to our t-shirts, but I haven’t because of the increase in production costs, it’s made me reconsider.

Another highlight was teaching my daughter, Olivia, to ski. As any parent might now, teaching a kid to ski is not for the faint of heart. I found it to require maximum patience. On day one, it took us almost three hours to get on the mountain. But, when Livy shouted “I can’t believe this is really happening” while zipping down hill together it was more than worthwhile. It made the trip and a memory for a lifetime.

Oh yeah, the final highlight of the trip was seeing the HomeSlice Cap on a gentleman in downtown Sante Fe. Turned the corner and poof, there it was...kinda blew my mind being 1,000 miles away from home and all. His wife was kind enough to take and send me a's the last in the series below. 

Ski Sante Fe T-ShirtSki Sante Fe T-ShirtSki Sante Fe T-ShirtSki Sante Fe T-ShirtSki Sante Fe T-Shirt

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