Seven Essential Care Products For Your Sneakers

Rick Gilbert, Grafletics, Sneakertown, Portland, Oregon

Keep your footwear looking and smelling box-fresh as the weather turns.

Forget the weatherman. Forget your iPhone’s forecasting app. And absolutely forget your quick peek out the window and hapless attempts at predicting what the elements might throw at you today. There is a far more accurate and clearer method of predicting whether or not summer’s finally come to an end – your feet.

Yep, taking a quick look at your trainers after a stomp around outside will tell you exactly how far we’ve fallen from the sunny season. Gone are the days of nonchalantly throwing on your pristine white Stan Smiths and returning them back to their home beside the door in the same box-fresh condition. Now, with autumn upon us and winter looming up behind it, you and your smart-casual kicks, running shoes and trendy trainers have wind, rain, mud mines and sludge puddles to look out for when stepping out of your front door. And we’re sorry to say, the odds are not stacked in your favour.

But there are ways to level the playing field. Seven ways, in fact. Scroll down and discover our seven favourite trainer care products, all ready to extend the life of your trusty, tasty sneakers and not let the stinkin’ weather get the best of them…

Best For… Your Box-Fresh Streetwear Beauties: Crep Protect Spray

Rain, Pepsi, dog slob, even chocolate sauce is no match for the witchcraft that goes into every Crep Protect product, as the jaw-dropping video above proves. Crep Protect spray is now so entwined in the fabric of streetwear trainer culture that we bet almost every “sneaker freak” has a can of this at hand whenever a fresh pair lands on his or her feet. One coat of this magic stuff will keep your suede, nubuck and canvas shoes protected from liquids for up to four weeks.

Best For… Smart-Casual Emergencies: Jason Markk Quick Wipes

Clean and crisp white leather trainers (the sort you’d never dream of taking to the treadmill) have very much become a smart-casual staple of late. From classics like Adidas’s Stan Smiths all the way up to designer offerings from Prada and Balenciaga, throwing on a pair with your tailored chinos and tieless white shirt will have you joining the ranks of the most stylish relaxed professionals. But you’re only ever one spilt red wine or fumbled mini burger canapé away from undoing the look. Keeping your kicks crisp is key, and these catastrophe-ready Jason Markk Quick Wipes will ensure you’ve got that covered, no matter what your boss’s soirée throws at your feet.

Best For… Rescuing Your Mud-Messed Runners: Sneaky Cleaning Kit

Of course, there’s a strong possibility that you’re looking at this article through tear-filled eyes, wishing you’d learned how to protect your fave trainers before setting foot outside and absolutely ruining them to such a state that redemption seems impossible. If that’s the case, this one’s for you – a premium three-piece cleaning kit from Sneaky. Consider this pack the defibrillators you need to fire your footwear (suede, leather, nubuck, synthetic or canvas) back to life, with a self-foaming cleaning solution, a hog-hair brush and a microfibre towel all there to get you back on your feet again.

Best For… Your Cycling Shoes (And Everything Else): Muc-Off Foam Fresh

Put simply, if you’re cycling to work this autumn, make sure Muc-Off’s Foam Fresh is in your work drawers. Not only will it refresh your trainers after a pedal-powered pebble-dashing, but it’ll gently agitate dirt and grime away from all the other soft materials you may have worn while riding too.

Best For… Your Luxury Leather Numbers: Red Wing Leather Protector

If you’re going to trust anyone with your leather daps, let it be Red Wing – purveyor of the most hardcore and beautiful workman’s boots your hard-earned can buy. This spray is described as “one of the most advanced products available” in the leather protection game, and promises to push water, salt and grease to the surface of the material so it can be wiped away. Your feet are in safe hands with this.

Best For… Ironing Out Your Creases: Forcefield Shoe Crease Preventers

Listen, we need to talk. It’s bad news. It’s your toe box. It’s just too creased. Please accept our condolences at this tough time. Not a clue what we’re talking about? We don’t blame you – we only just realised the importance of looking after our toe boxes on finding Forcefield’s Shoe Crease Preventers. According to Forcefield, any true fan of sneakers knows that stains are only half the battle when it comes to keeping their prized possessions looking mint. A creased toe box – the material that sits about your toes – is a dead giveaway of well-worn trainers. Popping these things inside the front of your shoe will keep things good and straight. Oh thank God!

Best For… Unstinking Your Kicks: Sof Sole Fresh Fogger

Is there a visible stench-fug rising up from the pile of shoes by your door? Have your concerned neighbours posted a note through your letterbox to check that you’re still alive in there and not stinkily rotting away? Do your think your kicks could be used as a weapon of modern chemical warfare? Please, do yourself, your neighbours and your planet a favour and de-smell your shoes using Sof Sole Fresh Fogger. Quickly.

Written by Chris Sayer // Posted by Rick Gilbert //

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