4 Hat styles designed for the place I love - Portland, OR

Pictured here our four cap styles I’ve made over the years. Each one communicates both sport and the place we call home here in the Rose City. I've always enjoyed communicating through my work and take pride in letting the design do the talking. A creative way I've done that is through the selection of materials we use for our patches. Below is a summary of four hats in our current line that provide insight into the inspiration behind each piece:

1. Portland Reflective Cap: At one point, Portland was considered the Bike Capitol of the US. According to my wife the people in Davis, CA might have a problem with that, but there's no debating that 7% of our population commutes to work everyday. Commuters here wear reflective material to increase visibility on the PDX streets. After all it's overcast 7-months out of the year. I always thought a lifestyle cap was in order to represent this facet of our city, so here it is. Don't forget to wear a helmet!
Portland Reflective Hat by Grafletics

2. Game On Basketball Cap: This cap expresses my love for the game, the Trail Blazers, outdoor parks and various leagues that make up the Portland Basketball community. To my knowledge we were the first to make a laser cut and etched patch out of basketball material, so it's an invention as well.
Game On Cap, Portland Basketball Hat by Grafletics

3. The HomeSlice Cap: Pays homage to our timber culture and nickname of Stumptown. It also pays tribute to the ceremonious cutting of a log coin following every home goal at a Timbers match. The texture on the patch is borrowed from an actual wood coin I was gifted by the Timbers. You can see it in person at our shop in the Sellwood-Moreland neighborhood of SE Portland.
HomeSlice Cap, Portland Soccer Hat by Grafletics

4. Portland Baseball Cap: One of the biggest local stories to come out of 2018 was the movement to bring major league baseball to PDX led by the Portland Diamond Project or #MLBPDX. Portland also has a rich history in baseball that dates back over 100 years with teams like the Beavers and Mavericks representing our city on the mound. Also, I got to throw out the first pitch, last summer, at a Portland Pickles game, so I was inspired to make a baseball hat that represents both the Rose City and state of Oregon.

The patch is made of vegan leather that's laser cut. It creates a burnt edge which gives a off a vintage vibe along with red stitching that resembles a baseball. Like every hast in this collection, it's finished with a star embroidery marking Portland's location in the Beaver State. 
Portland Baseball Hat by Grafletics

Our full line of locally designed, inspired caps are available here



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