Our Favorite Restaurants in Sellwood

Our home neighborhood of Sellwood in SE Portland is home to some of the city's best eats, but is often overlooked for being a bit further south. So, we have complied our favorite places to eat close to home. Next time you stop by the store, consider grabbing a local bite.

1. Bertie Lou's Cafe

The best breakfast in the city, it puts the Screen Door to absolute shame. This small diner of 17th and Spokane cooks up the most bangin benedicts in the city. It also features a mean sausage gravy, massive omelets, and a hilarious menu.

Recommended eat: The Bookman (a benedict with sausage gravy)

2. PDX Sliders

You may know them already, but their location right around the corner from Grafletics is a journey through burger paradise. Whether you want their burgers as a slider, on top of loaded fries, or as a salad, these bridge themed concoctions are the best burgers in the city.

Recommended eat: Hawthorne and Tilikum slider with mixed green salad.

3a. Meddling Lime

Meddling like in the authority on Tacos in Southeast Portland. on Milwaukie ave, they boast a variety of tacos and other Mexican eats. There really isn't much to be said other than they are the best and demand to be tried.

Recommended eat: 3 tacos (shrimp, verde chicken, al pastor)

3b. Samurai Lunchbox

Two blocks from the store lies one of our staff favorites for a tasty, healthy lunch. Samurai serves up bento in waves at a reasonable price out of their bright red food cart. Hate cabbage? Their preparation style will quickly change your mind.

Recommended eat: Lemongrass Chicken

3c. Platter Division Indian Grill

This newer spot up in the Sellwood corner food carts serves up some of the hottest Indian food in town. There is not one bad dish on the menu and lines form quickly for good reason. The mint chutney sauce on many of their dishes is one of the best sauces you'll ever taste

Recommended eat: Lamb kebab roll

4. Gino's

Looking to class it up? Gino's provides an upscale, classy environment to dine on some of the areas fines Italian food. Located on 13th and Spokane, its locally sourced ingredients form beautiful dishes such as their lamb ragu with a twist of mint.

Recommended eat: Vongole and Caesar Salad

Honorable mentions:

  • Nam Pa's fried spring rolls. Best in the city at this Nepalese food cart in Piknik Park.
  • Jade (Vietnamese)

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