Mt. Hood Cap - Solar Eclipse Edition for Friends of the Gorge

Maryland is where I'm from, I go back to visit a few times a year. During this recent trip back I returned to learn the Gorge was on fire. Immediately my heart sank. When I moved to Portland seven years ago I drove through the Gorge for the first time. I'd never seen anything like it. I remember the word magestic coming to mind. Before my dog Zeke passed away, our favorite place to visit was Hood River. So much in fact that I spread his ashes in the Columbia River. Since then I've made what feels like monthly trips through the Gorge to Hood River and Mt. Hood with my family. That hour long drive has been a refuge. When I learned of the Eagle Creek fire I wanted to do my part to give back by offering 100% of the proceeds from our Mt. Hood Cap - Solar Eclipse Edition to Friends of the Columbia Gorge.

The Friends of the Columbia Gorge are a local non-profit dedicated to the preservation of and education around the gorge since 2005. We hope to do our part with your help.

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