Keeping Portland Weird

Portland is known as a city of eccentricities, filled with eclectic people who serve as the fabric of our culture. When I moved here from Baltimore in 2010 isn't wasn't uncommon to see a street flooded with double decker bikes or hear band practice blaring out of your neighbors delightfully dilapidated craftsman house. But, with time comes change. One hundred and eleven people move to this city everyday. Silicon Valley families relocate and pay cash for houses they consider a bargain and millennials move here to pursue their own versions of Portlandia. 

This past weekend we hosted a live in-store performance with the Unipiper and MoShow The Cat Rapper. Both are local artists who moved to Portland in pursuit of their creative passions. For this event we released a limited edition Unipiper Collab Tee along with Moshow Pin Packs and Watches. We're stoked to have a store in Sellwood that doubles as an event space to support the innovative spirit. Together we contribute and write the story of this beautiful place we call home as showcased by Nina Mehlhaf of KGW News. 

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