Happy 420! Here are our Favorite Places to be High in Oregon

Two Quick Disclaimers: it is illegal to bring weed onto federal land, so hypothetically, if you were high on some of these places, it’d be awesome, but don’t bring weed into national parks and such. Also, don’t drive high:).

Painted Hills - Mitchell, OR. These Red-orange-yellow mounds in Central Oregon are a symphony of color found nowhere else in the PNW. With bands of color showing the region's changes from prehistoric seas to deserts, this national monument is sure to have you entranced and in awe. he world’s greatest cheddar. Coupled nicely with a digestive beach walk.

Tillamook Cheese Factory - Tillamook, OR Easily the best place to cure the munchies in the state. Ice cream and cheese flow endlessly at the site of the world’s greatest cheddar. Coupled nicely with a digestive beach walk.

Samuel Boardman State Park - Brookings, OR. The prettiest part of the Oregon Coast lies at the end (puts Ecola and Cannon to shame). Massive rock arches, towering Doug firs, and deep blue seas define this 15 miles stretch of coast. Many hikes would be great to drop an edible and walk through such as Indian Beach, Natural Arch, and Whaleshead Beach.

OMSI - Portland, OR: Science always seems to be more mind blowing (especially space) when high, and its easy to walk right on down and have your mind blown by the planetarium, laser shows, and dinosaur bones. 

Council Crest/Mt. Tabor/The bluffs- Portland, OR: Passing a J around at any of the city parks overlooking Portland is a surefire way to take in the awe inspiring beauty of the area, plus its easy to bring food and friends.

Alvord Desert - Frenchglen, OR: One of the darkest night skies in the world awaits in deep southeast oregon. In the shadow of Steens and hours from the nearest city, the best view of the Milky Way you’ll find in the lower 48 absolutely is the best place for a night time edible. Camp on this ancient lake bed and soak in the peace of being in the middle of nowhere. 

Paddleboarding the Willamette (Lower Falls) - Portland, OR- The best way to experience the city, a world away from the noise of the city. Easy access points through Portland metro and fun to do with friends. Experience unique under views of the bridges and on lucky days get followed by a sea lion. Take a break at the north end of Ross Island, pass to the left and watch the world go by with incredible views of the city. 

Boardman Tree Farm - Boardman, OR: Just miles and miles of vibrant, symmetrically planted trees, about an hour east of The Dalles. Just avoid the influencers and their annoying hats who flock there .

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