Swag for Dad - Father's Day 2017

Portland Soccer T-Shirt, Est. 75 Tee, Rick Gilbert, Portland, Oregon

Father's Day is just around the corner and as a Dad I've got a few suggestion for you. A typical response from me this time of year is... "I don't want anything for Father's Day", but the truth is the exact opposite. Sound familiar? Three years ago I bought myself a pair of socks from a gift shop in Sisters, Oregon that read "Grill Master" as a result of not wanting anything for Father's Day. We were on our way back to Portland from a trip to Bend. And not having a gift to open bummed me out. Apparently a family trip to Bend isn't enough. I'm high maintenance. 

Some of us men have trouble articulating. Expressing wants and needs. So I want to help make shopping for your Father's Day gift as breeze. This year I've put together a few of my go-to pieces that add Swag to my Dad Game. Here's the list:

Mt. Hood Flexfit Cap
Est. 75 Tee (Heather Black)

HomeSlice Cap (Heather Grey)

Mt. Hood Tee - SS17

P.S. If you live near our Sellwood store, please feel free to come by and use the codeword "Dad Swag" in person. Good through 6/18/17.

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