Breakfast on the Bridges: A Beloved Portland Biking Tradition

Since 2002, bicycling enthusiasts have come together on the last Friday of every month to enjoy a quintessentially Portland event: Breakfast on the Bridges. From around 7-9 am, bike commuters on the lower deck of the Steel Bridge and the Hawthorne are treated to free coffee and pastries. (Though in the past, the menu has expanded to some more rib-sticking fare, depending on the motivation level of the volunteers handing out the goods.)

Breakfast on the Bridge is a longtime tradition in Portland.
Breakfast on the Bridge is a longtime tradition in Portland. Tom Byrne

The Portland tradition is organized by local bike club Shift, but they're not exclusive in their caffeine and sugar-laden generosity. Those on their way to work by foot are welcome to indulge as well.

Thanks to donations from local businesses and a staunch group of volunteers, the event has been carried out almost without fail over the last decade-plus, no matter the weather. No registration or payment of any sort is required to partake in the monthly event. Just be on your way somewhere via bike or foot. And a smile and a “good morning” probably wouldn’t hurt things either.


Written by Adam Sawyer // posted by Noah Barth

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