Beavers and Blunts

Good day everyone. I thought I’d take some time to talk about risk and why it’s important. Believe it or not, the shirt I’m wearing in the photo below “Beavers and Blunts” almost didn’t happen. The reason why is that I was concerned with how it would be perceived and shape the personality of our brand...when it launched last summer. I pride us on being an inclusive, family oriented establishment, so I was concerned about us parents fielding questions like…“Daddy, Mommy...what does Beavers and Blunts mean”? This is the stuff I think about and agonize over while making our gear!

When designing our cannabis collection my creative position was and is that there’s enough pot leaf themed apparel in the market…so why not create something entirely different to represent? When it’s all said and done I want to look back and know that Grafletics contributed and shaped the narrative of how both the City of Portland and State of Oregon are perceived. T-shirts are a great way to do that!

If you didn’t know…in 2015 Governor Kate Brown signed a bill declaring the recreational use of Marijuana in our state. That’s why the year is reflected on this design. It’s also riff of our state flag (the only 2-sided flag in America). My wife Julie came up with the phrase and when she did I couldn’t stop laughing. That’s when you know you’ve got a hit!

Not to be long winded here, but I also partake and enjoy a good smoke and have for my entire adulthood. I often struggle with anxiety and bouts of depression, so for me cannabis and consistent exercise our a few tools I use to move forward in life. I think it’s dope that now we have options and grateful the narrative of weed is evolving. The days of “KB” and “Schwag” our over and thank goodness for that!

Turns out Beavers and Blunts has become one of our best sellers (both t-shirt and hat). We often hear of catch phrases that speak on the benefits of taking risks, so it’s cool to see that come to fruition in real life. My hope is that on some level I can inspire you to do the same.✌🏼Rick-

Beavers and Blunts T-Shirt by Grafletics

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