Old is New in Portland

Lately it seems all things are leading to Portland. Our city is growing leaps and bounds in population and the landscape is changing rapidly to keep up with demand. New buildings are going up, old buildings are coming down. With the notion of new replacing the old I've been making a conscious effort to arrange our photoshoots around offbeat local establishments that many Portlanders have loved for decades. Convenient places where kids went to get a soda, where Dad played the lotto, etc. Georgia's Grocery is this place. It's a Greek owned bodega that sits 1 block away from the Pearl District on 11th & SW Stark. We shot on location a few months ago for our Portland Basketball Collection.

The results left me feeling proud. Proud because we captured a piece of our City's history and presented it in an entirely new way. I've got a list of places and many plans in the works for 2016. Among them will be including businesses like Georgia's to pair with our growing line of products.

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