Portland Summer Festival Schedule

Summer is officially here. If you live in Portland, you know because it's like 102 degrees as I sit and write this post. Currently I'm in Livingston, Montana - keeping cool in 95 degree weather with my Fam. We're on a vacation and ending the trip with our friends wedding down the way in Bozeman. 

I'm writing because as much as I love Montana I can't wait to get back to Portland. I've just received word that Grafletics made the cut at this year's Mississippi Street Fair. It's the city's largest outdoor festival and an all around big deal. To boot, we're also in 4 other local Street Festivals this Summer which I'll list at the bottom of this post.

I can't wait to show you the new booth design I've build. It will be all black and showcase the GA Logo along with web address and social media call-outs on all 4 sides. We'll be offering all sorts of giveaway's, and promotions so make sure to stop in and check it!

Here's our Festival Schedule:

Jul 11 - Mississippi Street fair: Booth 315
Jul 25 - Division/Clinton Street Fari: Booth TBD
Aug 1 - Beaumont/Fremont Festival: Booth TBD
Aug 16 - Hawthrone Street Fair: Booth TBD
Sep 12 - Belmont Street Fari: Booth TBD

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