Flagship Store: The Grafletics Locker Room

I'm late getting to this, but wanted to share this video highlighting our new retail store: Grafletics Locker Room @ Boy's Fort. We had our Grand Opening earlier this month, sold a ton of product, and met new and familiar faces. At the same time President Obama was next door at the Sentinal Hotel. Luckily it didn't stop the Graf faithful from coming out in full force, but I was nervous.

The Locker Room consist of vintage lockers that have been locally purchased and restored. Many of them coming from local public schools. Primarily they're being used to merchandise new product. Now every style you see on the website can be purchased directly at the Locker Room. Aestically the retail space is a mix of athletic industry and modern retro style. There's also the addition of Portland sports memorabilia found no where else in the world. 

Ultimately I see the Locker Room as an experiential outlet for Grafletcs that will always be evolving. It's a place to experiment and create unique experience. At the sometime it's a great way to connect with you and talk in person. Without your support this would not have been possible, so thanks for continuing rep!

Our Locker Room is located inside the Boys Fort at 902 SW Morrison Portland, Oregon 97205

Hope to see you there. Rick-

Grafletics Locker Room from Rick Gilbert on Vimeo.






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