100 T-Shirts Made

I started Grafletics in the garage of my old house just over fours years ago in Northwest Portland. My goal was to connect with others and share my experience of the things I’m into. Mainly sports, nostalgia, and nice threads. I’m also a graphic designer and carry the insatiable appetite to create. It’s a strength and detriment at times.

Since 2013 I've occupied the captain's seat of this brand. It's been a learning experience unlike anything I anticipated and I'm grateful for the education. I’m determined as ever to continue evolving Grafletics into something you can wear that provides an entirely new perspective of our home in Portland, OR. 

With my work I strive to capture subtleness, and ideas that tell a story or symbolize an experience of time and place. I often refer to our product as conversation starters. Examples that come to mind are the 77 Championship Tee, Est. 75 Tee, and Oregon is Above California Tee. Each one requires inside knowledge to fully understand. This is why you don’t see our logo as the lead message with anything we make…until now.

The GA 100 Tee represents the milestone of “100 t-shirts made” and the hard work it's taken to get here. If you do the math we've created 25 new designs per year over our 4-year history. Incredible! I’m inspired to keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and sharing the journey with you. Rick-

Portland T-Shirt | Grafletics 100 Tee

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