Local Portland & Oregon Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Gift buying can be a difficult task, especially when time is of the essence during the holidays. We often hear our customers uncertainties around not knowing what to gift their loved one(s). These challenges are typically related to sizing, style, and fit. The good news is that Grafletics is here to help! Our Portland, Bend, and Oregon designed merchandise comes in a variety of graphic t-shirt, hats, and sweatshirt styles.

Below are a few recommendations that remove the guesswork and help you to find a gift they'll love.

1. Oregon Mt. Hood Tee $28 // Cap $28 // Zip-Up Hoodie $58

Oregon Mt. Hood Grafletics Gift Guide

Our iconic Mt. Hood series is one of our top-selling graphic styles. It represents Oregon's highest peak and greatest natural resource. The core color combo of Navy and Gold is inspired by our state flag (the only two-sided flag in the country)! The graphic style is bold with a retro-modern vibe. Works great as a layered piece or a bold reminder of the Pacific Wonderland. It's the perfect way to represent Oregon.

"The designs have a throwback feel while staying modern and iconic. Great for gift giving" -Julie B.

2. Portland Triple Tee $28 // HomeSlice Cap $36 // Retro Crewneck $48

Portland Collection by Grafletics

Our love for Portland runs deep and we express that passion across a variety of designs and styles. The Portland Triple T-Shirt is a Grafletics staple and top seller. It's got an old school meets new school mentality. The HomeSlice Cap pays homage to Portland's timber heritage and features a laser etched texture from a log coin gifted to us by the Portland Timbers. If you look closely you'll notice the embroidered star that identifies Portland. The Retro Crewneck offers a bold throwback style that's warm and comfortable and represents the Rose City in style.

Looking for more? We've recently updated our website to include collections by sport and location. Click any of the links below that pertain to the interest of the person you're gifting this holiday season.

1. Portland Collection
2. Bend Collection
3. Oregon Collection
4. Portland Basketball
5. Portland Soccer

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