Meet Our Shop Manager, Noah Barth

The first time I met Noah he looked a lot like he does in the this photo. Stoic, serious, but with resumé in hand. At his parents request he was circling the neighborhood and reluctantly looking for a job. I remember thinking “there’s no way this kid works here”. So we spoke for a few minutes and I figured that would be the end of it. A few weeks later he popped in again to follow up, and to leave denied for a second time. On his third visit, shortly after moving into our new location, he waltz through the door again. This time wearing an all black hoodie with the hood up. I remember thinking…”who the hell goes job hunting dressed like that”? For a minute I thought we were being robbed. When he approached the cash wrap I was sitting with our Brand Manager, Sam. We both kinda shook our heads following the exchange. It was awkward, but I respected his persistence and I got the feeling that he really wanted to work here, so I offered him the Friday shift. He started on January 19th, 2021 and in ceremonious Grafletics style I told him to pick out his favorite t-shirt and hat. He chose Beavers and Blunts, and Life’s Better in Portland.

I don’t come across too many 19 year olds who follow up like he did. I’m having flashbacks of when I was his age too. For me my big break came in the form of a job at Value Lube, in my hometown of Germantown, MD. I walked through the door, introduced myself and called the manager relentlessly until he gave me an opportunity. It was there I learned how to change oil, check fluids and perform routine maintenance to keep a car running smoothly. Practical skills I used to keep “White Lightening” — my 1986 Chevy Cavalier Z24 in optimal running condition.

Fast forward 2-years later and Noah’s still here and thriving. He’s recently been promoted to Store Manager and has earned his stripes every step along the way. What’s also cool is that he grew up in the neighborhood, and is a recognizable face in our community. The parents of the neighborhood love coming in and seeing him. From my observations he’s known as the red headed kid on the skateboard.

You’ll find Noah here...running our store Wednesday through Sunday. In addition to his Shop Manager responsibilities he’s also helping out with our social media, collaborations, and fundraising efforts. He continues to meet and exceed the challenges I present to him and it’s become an honor to mentor and teach him the ropes of what running a small business is all about. For us that’s contribution, connection and creativity.

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